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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Color Pallate

I chose a photo with subtle shades -- one which happened to be close to Carolina Blue. I had the most difficulty getting my color pallate out of Photoshop Elements. In fact, it's still in there and I can't figure out how to bring it over.

But the predominate colors were used to recolor the blog itself and used in the typography as well as in the backgrounds. I also wanted to connect to a real person and emotion that I could integrate into the site as well. What this means is that I wanted the little girl, who appears to be one with the monkeys that surround her, to symbolize the integration of color and emotion into the site itself.

Finally, I picked a color from the girl's shirt and made the text beneath her. Carolina Journeys symbolizes both the trip through this coursework and a real journey the child might take as she travels through Carolina and the imagination of "being one of the monkeys." This sense of imagination and wonder is what I hope to capture with my posts.

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